Founded in 1992 by Francisco Duque Santos and Children, Vouga Tintas – Indústria e Comércio de Tintas, Ld.ª has demonstrated dynamism and capacity to adapt to the market’s exigencies by creating, producing and commercializing to the building sector, carpentry and to metal mechanics, a large variety of paint, enamel and varnish to the interior and exterior, products destined to preparation, decoration and to waterproof surfaces, in order to satisfy our clients requirements.

The creation of the company is the result of 40 years of experience in the sector of production and commerce of paint, in Oporto, by its founding partner. The first plant, located in Oliveira de Cima, Bodiosa (Viseu), mark Vouga Tintas’ first stage.With its entrance in the external market in 1999, and to accompany the market exigencies and the environmental concerns inherent to this activity, Vouga Tintas invested in the acquisition of new facilities, located in Coimbrões Industrial Park – Viseu, and also in new equipment to the production process and laboratory.

After the reorganizing process, in 2003, the company implemented the Quality Management System according to NP EN ISO 9001, reinforcing its strategy of expanding in the market and also, to secure its clients’ loyalty.

Betting in innovation, in 2007 Vouga Tintas was one of the first national companies introducing in the market a new concept of water paint to frontages – the Plaslite Hydro – using the technology Emulsified Binding System (E.B.S.), in cooperation with the biggest manufacturer of pliolite resins – Eliokem.

Having strong perspectives to enlarge in the markets, Vouga Tintas reinforces its internationalizing strategy, based in values such as competence, honesty and openness.

The ambition for internationalization and constant commitment to market enlargement has enabled the conquest of some countries across borders. This success made Vouga Tintas realize the need of make some changes such as in branding, logo and the phonetics of the name itself.

With this Vouga Tintas starts to present itself in the market through the VOTIN brand, a new name that will continue to bear all the values and professionalism of always.